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Authentic evangelism flows from the heart.

It’s a flame that spreads warmth and light.

It comes from a heart full of love.

Be is a state of heart.

Be with Jesus.

Be in community.

Be present.

Be real.

Be who Jesus wants you to be.

Be who you were created to be.

Be yourself.

Be in Jesus and He will be the rest.

Discipleship is living in community

and doing what’s been done for you.

Do is all about following in His steps

and doing what He did.

Jesus leads the way.

Do tell the good news.

Do share forgiveness.

Do share grace and love.

Do things that bring hope

and healing to the world.

Do for others what has been done for you

and invite them to do the same.

Leaders go into the world to share the gospel.

They lead with the Word

and they lead with character.

Leaders have the demeanor of Christ.

Leaders are willing to be formed along the way. Leaders are in the Word,

they give counsel and they teach.

Leaders lead others to lead others.

Good leaders are good followers.

Go in love. Go by faith. Go with integrity.

Go with mercy. Go with Justice. Go humbly.

Go lead.

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